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A Slice of Zumba

Slice of LIfe
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There was this one time, years ago, that a few of us tried a free jazzercise class. Maybe you’ve given birth to three children, maybe you haven’t. But I did have to run to the bathroom a lot. There was a lot of jumping in that jazzercise class.

I want you to know, that that jazzercise class is the real reason that I wore a long t-shirt to try Zumba today — Just in case I needed the coverage. It was a 20 year old tie-dye shirt from my first year teaching with our class quote, “You never know what’s going to happen in Room 16!” on the front, and “Second Grade with Ms. Gabriel” on the back.

I stood at the bottom of my driveway waiting for Anne to pick me up, when a friend I haven’t seen in awhile happened to pull up to my neighbor’s house.

She called over, “Waiting for your uber?” just moments before Anne pulled up.

I wish I had told her I was on my way to my first zumba class ever, because she would have had a good laugh. She was my mentor teacher, and through the years she has tried to teach me dance routines many times.

On second thought, it’s probably best that I didn’t have time to tell her where I was going. She might have made me do the cha cha slide or something after she was done laughing.

The class is held outside, in a church parking lot. When we got there Anne asked me if I was a front of class or back of class person.

“Back of class.”

Part way through zumba, I decided that it made sense that I was wearing a t-shirt from my first year of teaching for my first zumba class. #firsts (Also, just like room 16, I never know what is going to happen, or rather what is happening in zumba!)

I also decided I shouldn’t have worried about wearing the long t-shirt. There was some jumping for sure, but usually I was too late to realize the jump was happening.

I don’t know what you are supposed to be thinking about during zumba, but snuck in between the utter concentration that I needed for each step, each arm movement, and each butt wiggle, I had a few thoughts. Thoughts like:

Thank goodness I said “back of class.” I can’t even imagine being in the front!
Will counting help? 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4. . .
My butt doesn’t move like that.
I wonder if I can get these songs for running.
How long between runs makes you not a runner any more?
No wonder I enjoy running, it’s only one kind of step, over and over!
Wow. I’ve changed. I barely care what people think of me while I totally butcher these movements.
Well, I kind of care what the people behind me think.

Wait! I got that step.
Oh, not this step though.
Brene Brown was right about FFTs

Why can’t I montage this part: learning zumba steps. It would be just like how Baby learns to dance in Dirty Dancing.
It’s so unfair how you can’t montage life.

The class is full of nice people, and honestly, even without private lessons from Patrick Swayze it was super fun. I can’t wait for the next one!