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March 22 Today Was A Day

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers

Today was a learning day
a long day
a listening day

Today was a win-a-raffle day
a wonder-what-the-doctor-will-say day
a wait, what? day

Today was a travel day
a talk-to-college-daughter day
a tell-me-more-about-it day

Today was a a sit-all-day-long day
a surprise dinner with my boys day
a special-day-we-don’t-celebrate-any-more day

Today was a hump day Wednesday
a heavy day
a hello-glass-of-wine day

Today was
as they say,
a day

March 20 Juicy Markers

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers

We were preparing for our poetry garden in Writers’ Club today, by painting some rocks with pictures. Soon we will write our poetry words on rocks, but today was about decorating a few to leave our mark.

There were just a couple paint markers that still needed to be shaken and pressed, so I did that as I monitored the painting and talked with the kids. Then I started to realize I should be writing down what they were saying. There always seems to be a story or poem hiding in the things kids say.

Rock Painting with Elementary Kids:

I need to go over all of this-the colors are very dull
My marker is too juicy
OOPS! I didn’t mean to do that.
I think I’m done
Do you have anything to add? Because this is an amazing blue.

This is one day only!
I should have done a sugar cookie
There’s interference in the universe causing problems
My dad would say “Where’s the coral?” He’s a coral scientist

What are you doing?
I’m writing things everyone says – a found poem story!
…Ugh! Teachers!

It’s a portal to another universe
A new dimension

I’m serious
This is so juicy

I want the markers so bad
I’m not saying I’m asking for one. . . but I am.

March 14 Disappointments, I can’t even.

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers

Disappointments on March 14

I don’t blame my kitten, Clyde
for trying to sneak his paw into my cup of oat milk
He can’t even
I have a cookie I won’t share with him

At noon I had a great idea
I’d clean my floors tonight
My evening self
can’t even believe
I thought that

can’t even
how often
I have to clean my stovetop

My book is laughing at me from the counter
It can’t
I thought I’d read today

Magic Poetry Slice

Part of Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers

The live Verizon agent wants me to
allow them

they want to know
“how your day going has been so far.”

Oh, Live Agent
Let me speak to you in poetry
instead of expletives
Maybe poetry is the
my phone bill needs. . .

How my day going has been so far —

My dog chewed something he found in the trash
My dog keeps trying to sneak upstairs
My cat is trying to steal the onions
This is how my day going has been so far

From my couch, I can see the laundry
I folded it
last week
and the bills I just paid
I should be working
This is how my day going has been so far

I am once again on my phone with
yet another live chat agent
This is how my day going has been so far

There have been so many
on these live chats
I have renamed them,
Lie chats
This is how my day going has been so far

This Verizon Agent
Oh, this Verizon agent
is trying their best

I appreciate them
doing their job
but I might throw my phone across the room

“You’re like family to Verizon and we can’t let you unhappy at any point.”
This agent tells me

And maybe this poem
is magic
because this Verizon agent
My favorite one so far
Assures me that they will take care of it for me

There is hope
The sun is going down
My dog is resting
and my favorite Verizon agent signed off
“Your appreciate is my trophy,” they tell me

It’s like they know I’m writing poetry

I can’t write

Part of Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers

this is boring
and I don’t expect you
to read it

writer’s block
must mean I’m actually
a writer

even my journal
the self-love guided one
is closed

oh, I was gonna write
but then the cat fight happened
woke up the dog

now every line
is interrupted by my shouting

he can’t stop
the cat food is just sitting there
calling his name

even at 6 am
there are too many distractions
around me

easy roadblocks
around me but also in my head
I am a distraction

this is why
I can’t write anymore

I miss you

Part of Slice of Life at Two Writing Teachers

I miss you.

I missed you in New York

the way you
us and found parking

the way you
led us
through the neighborhoods

the way we always went to the

the way you always
on your credit card for points

the way you told us
how much we owed you

the way we’d

the way you sat in front
when we took a taxi
and talked to the driver

the way you popped
into a bar
for a beer

I want a beer
you’d say

I could live here
you’d say

how did you always
find the best
hidden bars?

later we would pour a glass of wine
sit in the hotel
or on the rooftop deck

we’d talk about our New York
and eat the snacks Kris packed

Our last time in New York
you knew

you knew it was your

I told myself there would be

I missed you in New York

I’ve got nothing

Part of Slice of Life Tuesdays on Two Writing Teachers. Join us!

I’ve got nothing
to say

My holiday
is over
Pushing snooze
Just makes me a loser
It doesn’t make the
clock stop

My daughter
is insisting on leaving
So cruel-
She’s going back to stupid school
Whatever, I’m proud but
allowed to miss her already

The shade in my family room hates me
I guarantee – it sticks
time I try to close it
I hate it too
So there

I couldn’t figure out who would be knocking
so late and so weirdly at my door
But it was my ice maker
finally making ice cubes after all these years!
or actually just one tiny sliver of ice
then no more

The dog barked loudly
for so long
Now I don’t know if a car parked
someone walked by
a deer ran through my yard
or a serial killer snuck up
He’s probably still waiting for me
Crouched nearby



Part of Two Writing Teachers’ Slice of Life

Clyde is a busy kitten
He runs toys up and down the stairs,
Hisses at the dog
Chases the other cats.

So you’ll understand why it’s such a gift
that he has decided to sit next to me while I write —
First to stretch and look cute on the cushion next to mine
Then right up against my thigh.

He cleans his feet – six toes splayed out
Licks his belly
He lets me scratch his soft soft head
But tries to kill my hand when I rub his belly

Sleeping on my other side,
not noticing Clyde-
The dog is clueless
But, the battle is imminent