Monthly Archives: May 2022

Currently I am

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers

Currently, I am

Watching Marvel movies with the boys
and Ozark by myself
hoping they aren’t overhearing the dialogue

Listening to music whenever I can
Music to study by while I work and write
my goodbye 2020 playlist in the car
blues or classic rock when I am doing chores
Brené Brown on dog walks
I tell Alexa to play spa or meditation music at bedtime

Reading Good Morning Monster
more slowly than I usually read
worried that I’ve had it too long
Needing to give it back to my friend

Napping when I can
on the couch, or better yet the deck
in the sun
with the dog nearby

Wondering which leads to
Worrying – all part of my

Trying to practice my