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celebrate-image  August is a great time to Celebrate with Ruth Ayres!

Last week I started a blog post called "Why I hate August." 
A letter to my kids
my own kids (That's what I call them. My school kids are my kids)
August is when my own kids start saying things like 
"Are you going to school again?" and
"You're always busy." and
"Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama." 

And I'm sorry. 
I feel sorry. 
I should be squeezing out the last, best parts of summer
weaning us from too much netflix
But instead I'm squeezing in my work. 

But, I love being a teacher.
Luckiest job in the world
Even in August, 
the stress has purpose
and so much of the work is fun
It's no secret that I enjoy setting up my classroom.

Thankfully, Ruth Ayres has way to Celebrate!

So I'm celebrating...
Getting to know my students before school even starts
via emails I asked their families to send me
because I believe that relationships are the building blocks for learning
and also because kids are cool, and it's so neat to get to know them! 

I'm celebrating...
My classroom came together
it's cozy 
full of freshly alphabetized books
twinkle lights
and the softest biggest rug I could afford 
(and beg my husband to help me transport in)

I'm celebrating 
and the 73+ books I got to read this summer
Sure, I wish there had been more novels
but I do love picture books!

I'm celebrating
teaching writing again, after a year's break
excited because writing is power
and soon I get to help 
students find their slices

I'm celebrating 
my donors choose project was fully funded!
soon, 2 ipads will arrive

I'm celebrating
because it's such lucky work to have.