#sol14 March 1

Slice of LIfe I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March.  You should do it too! Check it out here. Thank you,  Two Writing Teachers


A weekend! Catch up days: catching up on work and quality-time-snuggles with my children. Well, that’s the idea anyway. 

Today is Saturday. The sink is full of dishes that nobody wants to do. The week’s worth of laundry has piled up and up, and last week’s laundry is still waiting to be folded. There are toys all over, and cleaning needs to happen.  However,


Today is Saturday. I brought home a bag full of grading to do, and next week’s plans are still just shells. But, like most Saturdays, my plan doesn’t pan out.


Today is Saturday. After a week of packing lunches and sending everyone on their merry way to schools and babysitters, I can’t wait so spend quality time with my 3 kids. But, like most Saturdays, we spend the greater part of the day trying to remember how to all get along in our shared space.

Can I get some cooperation around here?
Can I get some cooperation around here?

Today is Saturday. Like most Saturdays, I spend the morning grumbling about the mess, trying to plan my day, and attempting to catch up on some relaxation. Then, like most Saturdays, the afternoon finds me realizing I just need to get my act together. Duh.   Finally my Saturday feels like a weekend. Meeting a friend to exercise, getting my grocery shopping done, sitting down to just color with my children, giving baths, reading Harry Potter to my sleepy snuggly kids before bed. . . Today is Saturday!

Work out with a friend, Check!
Work out with a friend, Check!
Sometimes just a tall Starbucks can be the celebration.
Sometimes  a tall Starbucks can be just the thing to get a Saturday back.
4 year old "E," celebrated Saturday by requesting 3 drinks to go with his gourmet pb&j.
4 year old “E,” celebrated Saturday by requesting 3 drinks to go with his gourmet pb&j dinner.

3 thoughts on “#sol14 March 1

  1. Why does it seem like Saturdays and Mondays do not have the same amount of hours? Loved your post. I hope you were able to get many things done – including spending time with our kids.

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