#sol14 March 3 A slicey day

Slice of LIfe

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March.  You should do it too! Check it out here. Thank you,  Two Writing Teachers

On my drive to work this morning, as I try desperately to feel warm, I realize that I am noticing my life in “slices.” I watch out the driver’s window as the line of cars drive steadily on: Everyone on a mission. I see the snow – the mounds have shifted farther in from the side of the road. It seems like a foreshadowing of spring.

But, I am cold. This March is a Lioness. My bones are chilled and I can not get warm. I. can. not. get. warm.

I remember second grade. We did a craft about March coming in like a lion, and leaving like a lamb. I don’t know why that project is so vivid for me, but I think the idiom must have felt important. Or else I just liked gluing the cotton ball lambs to my page. This was the same year that I asked my teacher what it was like to be a teacher. I have her response still, framed… but packed away because of our house construction. She said it was fun, and hard work. She said “you need to be ready for the children each day.”

I do need to be ready for my children each day, even this day! So, for the rest of my drive, I go over in my mind the things left on my to do list. I realize I never finished the new seating chart that I told my class I would do. I hope they give me the same lenience I give them on their missing assignments.

Arriving at school, I’m happy not to slip – the ice must really be going away!

My morning goes by with only minimal slice-noticing… Mornings are busy. As I told my students today in response to their asking after math if I had finished the seating chart, “Remember, when you are in math, I’m teaching math!”  But lunchtime and lunch duty seem to scream, “Slice! Slice!” So I try to collect a slice of lunch. But all I can notice is the constant sound. I hear parts of conversations, but my turns around the cafeteria mean that I can’t hear enough to commit the conversation to my memory. I wonder if everyone’s memories of middle school lunch period are as indelible as mine. Maybe it’s the smell of cafeteria food, and the clatter of voices that helps me quickly feel like I have travelled through time to my junior high days. I remember trying to find a table to sit at, trying not to do something stupid. . .  Lunch duty goes by quickly. I talk to students, make plans for taking them outside, and then I’m greeted with March’s Lion again: Outside for recess. I watch as kids slide on the ice that lines the tetherball court, and run round shooting baskets. I listen to the happy yelling, and try not to freeze.

A slice of recess
This must be how I look when I’m trying not to freeze!

Inside again, I teach,  run a meeting, teach some more and exercise. My school day ends and I can pause again only after a pick up at the babysitter,  dinner, baths, homework with the 10 year old and bedtime for the kids.

Then I sit at my computer. I remember how it feels to be a student – my assignment is due and even though I’ve been thinking about it for so much of the day, I have no idea what I will write.

8 thoughts on “#sol14 March 3 A slicey day

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Katherine! I will stop complaining… -17!! We had some really cold days – but this week it is much better.. in the teens. I just can’t seem to warm up! Looks like it will be 0 tomorrow morning. Hopefully when spring comes, it jumps in quickly. 🙂

  1. I’m doing my part to encourage spring to come. Check my slice coming up on day 4! Loved this snapshot of your day and yes, one step into our cafeteria and I’m in 7th grade again!

  2. Your slice reminds me of Jon Scieszka’s book, MATH CURSE. Every part of his day becomes a math problem. Like you, I’m longing for spring and warm and color. We haven’t had the snow people on the East Coast and in the midwest have had, but have had lots and lots of cold!

  3. I loved reading your piece today. I feel like you echoed all my thoughts today, as I tried to think of slices in the midst of the busyness of the day. Great job!

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