#sol14 March 5

Slice of LIfe

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March.  You should do it too! Check it out here. Thank you,  Two Writing Teachers

I miss my classroom couch.
It was pink and curved like a wide C
My students sank in
to read
to talk
to listen
to watch
to sew
        yes we had sewing circles on that couch

If you haven’t spent your days
in a
you may not understand

I miss my arm chair.
It was old and creaky but soft
and perfect 
for read aloud and mini lessons and deep conversations

If you aren’t
11 or 12
in body or mind 
you may not understand 

I miss my soft rug.
It was huge and it fit a large circle of 25 
sixth graders
and a couple of teachers
greeting each other every morning
and learning together all day

If you haven’t tried to sit quietly and read
and work
or listen 
   and listen 
       and listen 
on a hard chair or floor
you may not understand

that community can be built 

with a couch, a chair and a rug
for workshops
for discussions
for relaxing
for reading 
for writing
for math
for learning

I miss my couch
                  They made me throw it away
I miss my arm chair
                  They made me throw it away
I miss my rug
                  It disappeared one day
My couch, chair & rug before they were gone.
My couch, chair & rug before they were gone.

12 thoughts on “#sol14 March 5

  1. I could really feel the energy of your classroom through this poem. Why did you have to get rid of your couch and such?? You sound like a wonderful teacher. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thanks so much – It is such a long crazy story.. but last spring we had to get rid of our furniture. 😦 and I really do miss it. I appreciate you stopping by and commenting such a lovely comment.

  3. Sorry the furniture had to go. Our fire Marshall does not allow schools to have furniture or allow a classroom to look homey in any way…shape or form…I get it but I don’t…sorry you had to lose your furniture and your rug. I can understand through your words why kids liked it so much.

  4. My district (because of the fire department) has really strict policies about furniture. And like you, I want my classroom to be someplace comfortable and welcoming. It’s hard to let go…

  5. I’m sorry you no longer have your cozy classroom. It looks like it was the perfect place to relax and learn. I can only imagine that a teacher that went to such effort to make such a wonderful classroom will figure out a way to make it pretty awesome again.

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