#sol14 March 18 I am Thankful

Slice of LIfe

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March.  You should do it too! Check it out here. Thank you,  Two Writing Teachers

On the way to our monthly Mother Daughter book club this evening, my daughter was trying to put her earrings back in. She has to take them out twice a week for karate, and putting them back in can be tricky since her holes try to close up at every opportunity. She was complaining, whining a bit. She was annoyed about having to take them out for karate, jealous of friends who can just wear earrings or not, with no problems.

Complaining and whining are habits I’m trying to help her get over. I told her that I was trying to stop complaining too. I said, “I try to take a deep breath when I’m frustrated, and think of something about the situation that I’m thankful for…even if it seems silly. For example, if I’m annoyed at having to do dishes, I take a deep breath and remind myself that I’m thankful to have a sink and a kitchen, and dishes and food.”  We decided that she can be thankful for ears, and the gold studs that my mom gave her, and for a mama that will help her “as soon as we aren’t driving.”  A few seconds after deciding what to be thankful for about her earring situation, she was able to get her earring in, and all was well. “See that?” I said. “It’s a thankful miracle! It’s like magic!”

So today – I could complain. I could talk about how taking a sick day used to be about resting and getting better… But how now it’s about resting a little, taking advil, getting a flat tire on the way to pick up kids, stopping at school, covering bulletin boards the guest teacher missed, still going to mother daughter book club, so as not to disappoint, and spending the night catching up on the day-before-state-tests work you missed at school…..  but I won’t bore you with my complaints. Instead, I will be thankful.

I am thankful 
for children who wake me up at 5:30 on my sick day
for my cozy bed that I didn't want to leave
for the dishes, all the dishes

I am thankful
for schools that my children have to race to
for teachers who will forgive their lateness
for husbands who drive them there

I am thankful
for my washer and dryer
for all the clothes that are waiting to be folded
for my slippers and jammies and new books

I am thankful
for doctors who say "Very good, very good, very good." 
for medicine that will make me drowsy if I decide to try it
for my acupuncturist who actually did help me  

I am thankful
for my car (to get a flat tire you need to have a car)
for my husband who rushed to get my 4 year old 
for my parents' car I borrowed

I am thankful
for bulletin boards to cover
for students to encourage
for work to do

I am thankful.

3 thoughts on “#sol14 March 18 I am Thankful

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful reminder about being thankful. What wonderful words to help us all keep our focus on being grateful EVERY DAY. Thanks for the perspective in this “slice” today. So important…

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