#sol14 March 20

Slice of LIfe

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March.  You should do it too! Check it out here. Thank you,  Two Writing Teachers

I am in the middle of guiltily packing for a conference, while my 4 year old is sleeping off a fever and cough. (Fingers crossed he sleeps it off. Poor kid…. and also, this mama already felt guilty escaping to a conference with friends for the weekend before there was a fever and a cough and a nebulizer!)

I wrote this slice while I sat with sleeping E, while listening in as “Mr. Thought” read the big kids the end of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It was either post this poetry slice, or just post the following words: Harried. Hurried. Test days, sick days.  Kid sick. Snuggles. Sleep. Pack. Escape. Guilty. Mother. 

We rock in this chair
I used to nurse you in
You're warmer than the
thermometer tells me, and your
breathing is quicker, more labored
than I want it to be

You cozied up
refused dinner
asked for snuggles
before falling asleep
at 6:30
while daddy was still out
picking up your medicine

Early bedtime
hopeful for a speedy recovery

2 thoughts on “#sol14 March 20

  1. What is it about Mommy guilt? You know you need to go. You know he will be left in good hands. Hands that love him as much as you do. Yet, you still feel torn between what you want to do, what you should do and whatever it is that makes you feel like you shouldn’t be going. Just think about how happy he will be to see you when you get back!

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