A slice, value added.

Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers.

I spent the first part of my afternoon reflecting on, celebrating the process of and planning for the future of some ELA curriculum work that is so respectful of students and teachers. It is time well spent, this work that is focused on the journey of a child K – 12. I spent the second part of my afternoon learning more about the new teacher evaluation.  I almost didn’t slice at all about this. First of all, I’ve sliced before about my feelings on value added assessment. Second of all, I’m mad and my slices don’t necessarily need my sarcasm level right now. But, when I got home I realized that this truly is the slice that sticks out in my day, and I need to slice it. So I wrote a poem. Straight from my gut. 
Right Now I am:
Listening to a robotic voice tell me about value added assessment
Feeling my eyes roll
Watching my colleagues’
Eye Rolls
Mouths open
Shocked stares
Wrinkled noses
As we listen to the robot tell us 
what it means to plan instruction 
verify our roster
have integrity
and take responsibility for the proportion of our instruction based on enrollment but not attendance or weather

I am still:

Wondering why the robot is proud that the assessment system is part of the largest privately held software company in the world. 
Comparing the state of education to the Hunger Games
Assuming I would be the first one killed by the “Peacekeepers” 
Attempting to understand the math 
the point
and how this will help my students
May the odds be ever in our favor*

*My apologies to Suzanne Collins

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