A Summer Slice

Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers. Head over there for information and links to more Slicing! 

Right Now I am. . .
Trying to get back in the blogging habit
Attempting to slice again
Starting small with a Right Now Slice
Marveling at the difference between school-year-late-night writing, and summer-midday writing
Ignoring my children who are in various places being too quiet
Enjoying the silence
Worrying about the silence
Looking at stacks of books to read
Deciding when I'll start my summer to do list (not yet...)
Dreaming of a hammock and a glass of iced tea and a whole day to read
Watching the trees move slowly in the humidity, a thunderstorm is coming
Enjoying writing again

8 thoughts on “A Summer Slice

  1. I loved this! May I borrow it sometime? Yea for summer and not teaching! I too have thought about the difference in the times of day and writing. It is weird to be able to blog at 1:40 on a Tuesday!
    Yea for Slicing!

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