Hot, Popcorn

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It’s hot

“No, Humid.”  Mr. Thought tells me.

And late. The kids are finally in bed (how do people do summer bedtime?) in the least amount of pajamas possible. I taught them my trick for humid nights from when I was a kid: a cold wet washcloth on your face. Well, that was a mistake. I forgot about washcloth refills when they aren’t cold anymore and 4 year olds who make toys out of everything. I fall asleep as the kids fall asleep, listening to Mr. Thought read Harry Potter.

But then I wake up, and go downstairs and Mr. Thought and I make popcorn. Because what hot humid summer night is complete without some popcorn, and Netflix? It’s good popcorn too – air popped with the perfect amount of flavor. Procrastinating my own bedtime may have something to do with the air conditioning that is downstairs but not upstairs where, you know… it’s hot.

“No, Humid.”  Mr. Thought tells me.

5 thoughts on “Hot, Popcorn

  1. This slice made me smile, I was born in Wisconsin and can relate to the hot nights and cool washcloths on the face…. big smiles…

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