Celebrating Small Stuff


I’m participating in Ruth Ayres Celebrate This Week. Check out the link up here.

Today I’m celebrating small stuff. These busy days with my messy house, and my candle burning at both ends, celebrating the small stuff is a good way to keep myself from sinking! When I can, I’ve been writing these small things in a note on my phone. I miss a lot, but love even having just a few there to remind me to celebrate.

    1. Recently we took a short detour and drove the kids to the spot where we got married. It was so beautiful, driving down the tree lined drive and reminiscing about our wedding day.
    2. On that same drive, L sat in the back seat crocheting. She has a bag of crocheting now, and when I look over at her crocheting, it’s hard to describe the peaceful feeling. I’m celebrating her craft, her mindful time, her practice.
      Image 1
    3. The note on my phone that says “the patient people as H experimented with the pumpkin scale.” I celebrate patience, and hope that I get more of it myself. The pumpkin scale line was long, and the man in charge was so kind. He joked around with my 7 year old, and didn’t mind H’s experiments with making the pumpkin weigh more or less by lifting it up, and pressing down on it. When people are kind to my children as they act like the curious young people that they are, I celebrate. When people don’t rush them, I celebrate. When people make them laugh and feel connected to this big crazy world, I celebrate.
    4. Game night. Sometimes the house is straightened up enough, and the vacuuming is done, and dinner is over, and pajamas are on. Sometimes kids take turns picking the game and everyone has a chance. Those times are worth celebrating.
      Image 7

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Small Stuff

  1. This sounds like our house – it’s a furious mess right now (though I’m hoping to change that today!), but I am quick to decide that the house is “clean enough” to spend time with my guys. My husband and son had a multi-day game of Monopoly going downstairs for a while. I’m happier to play Ticket to Ride or UNO – and maybe we’ll use that as our treat for clearing off the kitchen table. 🙂

  2. The busy-ness of October seems to permeate a lot of these Celebration posts today. Sounds like we all need a restful November and to slow down and celebrate moments of peace. Beautiful drives, crocheting, and game nights sound like a great way to do just that!

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