I’m participating in Ruth Ayres Celebrate This Week. Check out the link up here.

Yesterday I wrote about my week in “failures.” Mostly because it felt like every day had a sigh-inducing moment (or 5). My friend told me that my posting “could be called week in being a super hero AKA mom….just lessons or merely experiences.”

I call this friend my Life Coach. She always has the best perspective. I’ve celebrated her before, and I’ll celebrate her again. A friend since preschool! Amazing. I’ll celebrate technology while I’m at it… Texting has been a great way for us to stay connected during our busy schedules.

My kids are in various stages of sick. So. . .  I’m celebrating my husband: Partner in Hospital O’Thought here. I’m celebrating ginger ale, and sleeping bags, and Netflix.

It’s over 30 degrees today! I’m pre-celebrating the run that I’m hoping to take soon…(Thank you husband and Netflix once again!)

It’s so nice to take a moment to celebrate. It’s especially important after a tough week, a tough night with sick kids, in the middle of a messy house, with a pile of work waiting. If you haven’t yet… please take a moment to celebrate. Thanks Ruth Ayres for this awesome link up!

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