#sol15 March 8 Run. Think.

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Run. Think.

I argue with myself
I want to go
it will be so cold
running is hard
running is good
I gear up 
fresh air 
coffee shop at finish

First step out the door 
a cold blast
I walk 
wait to begin
try to stretch
Music starts

I run 
I'm slow
Why do I start up a hill? 
It is cold
My toes are cold
My fingers too
I should have worn gloves
Maybe I’ll just run one mile
it's better than nothing, 

I round the corner 
to a slight downhill
then straight
I settle in

Now I have to decide
Straight to more decisions the possibility of a short run
Or turn left, run farther from home where my only decisions are 2 miles or more 

I turn left 
with an immediate sense of regret
running is hard
now I'm hot
I wrestle my jacket off
tie it on my waist 
spend a few minutes distracted by tangled headphones 

Down a hill 
my app tells me its been a mile
I feel good!
If I can do 1 mile, I can do my Saturday 3
I remember this
how running is good 
not easy -- but fun
with loud music
a helpful beat

Up a hill
I tell myself that even
2 miles would be admirable
after all, I ran yesterday
the kids are waiting for me to come home
I am going to run again tomorrow

I hit my stride 
on a long stretch of straight and then down
I know it's because it's downhill
so I lengthen my gait 
I push it

The bottom of the hill has more decisions
straight and I can run to the track
finish up a 3.1 and walk the mile home
right and I will run all the way to the hill of doom
where I will certainly stop around 2.7 
but I will be so close to home
the finish
I'm thirsty
I'm a little bit bored. 
But that hill
I always stop on that hill
Mind over matter hasn’t worked 
-- yet

I go straight, 
stop at the l o n g traffic light
left all the way to the track 
2.74 is what my map tells me
when I see that the track is covered with snow
I take that as an excuse
to stop. 

I walk home 
with coffee
I think
Running is good

I wonder how much I'll run tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “#sol15 March 8 Run. Think.

  1. I don’t know how many times I have had the same thought process while running! I loved the style of your writing. It really felt like I was in your head. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good for you to get out there and just do it. I’m trying to get started running again. It’s hard to convince myself to do it. I love loooong walks, but running, not so much!

    1. It really is true that the first steps are the hardest… I never thought I’d love running, but by some crazy turn of events I do! Nothing wrong with walking though! I love that too… Thanks for stopping by, Carol! 🙂

  3. Poetry is such a great way to express the thought process while running. I found myself smiling all through your poem. Yesterday, I too, went for run…and started uphill and thought, I should have brought gloves. I also thought, maybe I will just run a mile or so. A short run is better than no run. And, I too, found my stride…and was so glad I stuck with it. Good for you…and coffee is such a strong motivation. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I had been thinking that maybe I was the only one who argued about the distance while I ran… and it’s nice to know I’m not! 🙂 Glad you stopped by. 🙂

  4. You combine 3 of my favorite passions all in one here! Running, writing, and reading (of this post). I really enjoyed the style, being able to follow your thought process. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Way to go! I just cannot bring myself to run outside in the cold (which is probably why I spend the first part of the Spring building up my stamina and getting myself back up to where I was before the winter). What a great way to share what was going through your head!

    1. I thought running in the cold would be horrible… but now I actually like it… and in the summer it just feels so hot and humid…so I try to make myself run first thing in the morning before the heat sets in. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.

  6. Love this! What a cool glimpse into your mind as you run. I was surprised that you felt bored. I didn’t know runners felt that.

    I tried running last summer, and I liked it for the small amount of time I did it. Your post makes me think I should try again!

    1. My favorite part of this comment is that you casually call me a runner. 🙂 I only kinda feel like a runner… with my slow pace and the fact that I don’t “look” like a runner at all… so that gave me a nice pat on the back to read. 😉

      You should try again… my motto is: If I can do it, anyone can!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Dana!

    1. Glad you stopped by – thanks for the lovely words. 🙂 While I was running, I was wishing I could be writing right then…. so it was a challenge to try to get all of my thoughts back and down on the page. 🙂

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