#sol15 March 16 Stress

Slice of LIfe  I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March.  You should do it too!  Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! Readers, check out their site, and start slicing! 


I’m so excited to travel in the spring to see my sister and her wonderful art show. We booked what looks like an amazing, off the grid, sustainable living cottage that we will share with my parents. The kids are excited for the long road trip, and the mini vacation. Not to mention how much we all miss my sister! I’m proud for getting it all set 2 whole months in advance. I imagined that this week, I’d send the FYI to my kids’ teachers, but that maybe that was too soon to let them know.

Then yesterday I read the email from H’s teacher, with the date for his class play.

Yep. The day we are leaving.

And today, after my hasty email to L’s teacher, I find out that her play is the day we are getting back home.

These aren’t just any plays. These are THE plays. Every spring, every class K – 8 puts on a class play. They are more than fun. They are community building, full of learning, and very very important. This is what the children work on for weeks, if not months. It is defining, and magical, and important.

This stress!  What will my kids do? I have some ideas… Number one: switch the date of the play! Not my finest selfless suggestion…and one that I have already heard is not possible.

Maybe they can still be involved in some way.

Hopefully this won’t impact my 8 year old’s behavior.

Maybe a solution will be uncovered.

Hopefully this will all feel better after some brainstorming and help by their amazing teachers.

What an annoying slice of this already yucky day. 

1 thought on “#sol15 March 16 Stress

  1. Maybe their parts will be small? That would be disappointing to miss. I’d be worried too! But I’d like know going in that a student was going to be away during the performance or last week of rehearsal.

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