#sol15 March 21 Celebrate Friends

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celebrate-image A double post! Celebration Slice time! Thanks Ruth Ayres for this wonderful link up! 


Did you know I walk like I’m dancing? My feet are the hardest to diagnose. They don’t make shoes for my kind of feet.

I ran down to the running clinic downtown this morning. My friends met me there, and we began with a mobility screening. Stepping over a bungee cord line without turning my ankle was my least favorite test. Although my friends’ laughter throughout that station was the best part. We had a core stability exercise station, where we happily knew most of the exercises, and were reminded that we really need to do them more often. The last station was a gait, shoe and foot evaluation. This was by far the most interesting. I guess I didn’t even know there was a “right” way to walk. We practiced, and now I’m sure I know just enough to be self conscious of my walk.

Walking lift your leg
place it down, without your weight
Next leg, on and on

Yesterday, when I reminded my friends of the clinic today, they weren’t sure they wanted to spend a Saturday morning driving to my town. It’s hard to be in the mood for something like this. Maybe they just decided to go so I wouldn’t be alone, but they were laughing when I joined them, already having fun. The coffee shop after was an hour to celebrate too.

Celebrate real friends
who join, encourage and laugh
who listen for real

Women who decide
Early Saturday morning
to drive and meet me

Grateful this morning
Lucky, amazing to find
True friendship seems rare,


11 thoughts on “#sol15 March 21 Celebrate Friends

  1. What a great morning. The Chi of Running/Walking was recommended to me. Great book! I was walking and running a little with friends this morning too!

  2. Having spent a morning with friends, I really appreciated your post. The line, “We practiced, and now I’m sure I know just enough to be self conscious of my walk” was great! I can totally relate to that feeling. Thanks for sharing part of your day.

  3. The best is the time with friends, but how informative on your feet! At least you are dancing through life, even though there are no shoes for you.

  4. What great friends – making so much laughter together, simply trying to learn more about your feet. Sounds like a great experience! Hope it ended with shoes in hand.

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