A Slice of … What’s a Coach?

Slice of LIfe

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I haven’t started my job yet, but many people are asking me what I’ll be doing as an Instructional Coach. After I told my students that I would be leaving to go be an Instructional Coach, they had the same question.

So I asked them to think of coaches they’ve had. “What do your coaches do? 

“Yell at us!” a few students said, in their ever-present ability to help me refine my questioning.

“Okay. Think about one of your favorite coaches. What kinds of things do they do? 

The answers… they made me wish I were in front of a piece of chart paper or my computer, instead of sitting on the rug in the circle.

“My coach pushes us to practice.”

“Supports us during our game.”

“Coaches play with us.”

“Let us play new games. My coach thinks that playing other games actually helps us with our game.”

“Coaches are there for you.”

I think my 6th graders’ tips are good ones to start me off as I start to learn my new role!

2 thoughts on “A Slice of … What’s a Coach?

  1. Congratulations on your new position! Sometimes in my mind, I imagine what I would do if I were an instructional coach. It kind of calls my name, but I’m not sure if it is the right path for me. I hope you will write more about your adventures in this new chapter!

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