A slice of Mountains

Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers.

Notice these mountains.

I used to drive south on my way to teach 2nd grade. It was my first year teaching, and I would marvel each morning about how lucky I was: Best job in the world, best valley to drive through on my 20 minute commute… to the best school in the world. I’d look out and see the fields, the mountains, the sky and I would breathe it all the way in.

I changed schools.

They built a bypass.

I became a mom.

I noticed the mountains just a little less.

I moved 25 minutes away, where I can drive 4 minutes through a very pretty forest neighborhood to get to school. I don’t have time to marvel. I barely have time to transition my brain from mommy to teacher. Sometimes there is time to remind myself how lucky I am to have gained those 20 minutes of commuting time. Sometimes I miss those 20 minutes of quiet, or music, planning or mindfulness.

Early this morning before school,  I drove my cat to the vet: north on the road I used to drive south on to get to my first classroom. There must have been something about that early morning mountain fog.

I noticed the mountains.

They were magic in the clouds. The first sunlight hit them perfectly. You know the sight. The green explosion of early summer, muffled perfectly with early morning haze. I remembered those drives to my first classroom. I thought briefly of the early hours (and the late ones too). But mostly I just noticed the mountains. They didn’t have to mean anything, but I loved noticing them– the way they hit the rolling hills, the farmers fields.

Later today my son and I went the same way to pick up my cat.

“I love the mountains.” I mentioned to H.

“I love the rolling hills.” I added.

And we laughed, and sang.

“I love the mountains.
I love the rolling hills.
I love the flowers.
I love the daffodils.
I love the fireside.
When all the lights are low.

Boom dee ah dah. Boom dee ah dah…”

“That’s one of my favorite old camp songs.” I told my son.

“Me too.” H said. “We usually sing it as a round in my class.”

So we did.

And I noticed the mountains, I noticed the joy of the camp song. I noticed my son’s smile as he said “Hey! That was pretty good!”

I noticed the slice, and I promised myself I would write it.

5 thoughts on “A slice of Mountains

  1. I really resonated with your post. Up until our current house, I always had a commute. I relished that “me time” for so many reasons, one of them being to appreciate the mountains: the mountains from State College to Huntingdon…Pike’s Peak and the Rockies of Colorado…the Alaskan Range. I would literally keep reminding myself, “Look up. Never take these views for granted.”

  2. I have a 25 minute commute to school and often wish I lived closer. However, if I did, I may miss the sunrises over the cornfields, the sandhill cranes feeding their young, and the hot air balloons that often float on the horizon. Glad you and your son had some “noticing” time together!

  3. Sounds like you and your son had a special time together. I commute about 20 minutes every day and look at the Rocky Mountains. I have to be careful though, because there is so much traffic in Denver, it would be super easy to spoil a beautiful job by rear ending someone.

  4. This post is just plain lovely. The moments you described, especially with your son, are to be treasured and taken out and remembered especially when the routine gets you down.

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