A Slice of the first day back.

Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers

I don’t have one little word yet.  I didn’t finish my grading today. I didn’t hear my 5:30 alarm… didn’t wake up until Mr. Thought shined a light right at me around 6:00. It was raining and grey all day. I don’t quite have a handle on the literary essay unit I am starting tomorrow. My muscles are sore from just 3 days of working out. There are so many kids with missing work even after multiple reminders. The laundry didn’t magically get done while I was at school today. After a brief moderate break over vacation, I don’t eat sugar again. My classroom was clean and fresh until 8:01 this morning.


The students came back, and I didn’t have to cajole them to answer the “What I missed” section of my whiteboard question. They just did. We all love vacation, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t vote for another week or so at home with my own kids… ignoring my chores and reading books. But…how lucky I am to spend my day at school with kids who missed their friends, their school, not being bored, math, and … me!


Plus! I counted 9 Winter Break Slice of Life challenges in my in box today, and 9 Book a Day challenges too! That’s a record for my winter break challenges. Yay for reading and writing during break!


4 thoughts on “A Slice of the first day back.

  1. I loved hearing about your first day back. I could just feel the excitement as your learning community came back together today. It’s always fun to hear what the students have done over break — and a few slices and new books read only add to the pleasant return. Welcome back!


  2. I love this prompt on your white board. I’m not sure I’d get such heartwarming answers if I asked my college students! I really liked the repetition of the negative in the first paragraph and then the turn.

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