#sol17 March 25 A slice of friendship

Slice of LIfe


 I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for bloggingwithstudentsall of March.  You should do it too!  Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! Readers, check out their site, and start slicing!

celebrate-image I’m also Celebrating today with Ruth Ayres!

Celebrating Friends*

so much depends

friends with relaxed

wearing comfortable clothes

sometimes tears, mostly

* A La William Carlos Williams 

8 thoughts on “#sol17 March 25 A slice of friendship

  1. I love the “so much depends” imitation and have tried it myself with coffee mugs, people, and whatever was in my hand at the time. The first time I used it with kids, it was their ticket to lunch: “So much depends on this piece of lined paper, the only thing standing between me and my food.” Ha!

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