Poetry Friday Debut

I haven’t done Poetry Friday before
Maybe I’m worried I’ll run out of words
Although, have a little chat with me
And you’ll quickly see
how impossible that would be

Just breathe, I remind myself, just listen
Close your mouth, no one needs your opinion unbidden!
I’m used to speaking out
letting words just spout
before my thoughts have a chance to reroute

But I’m learning action starts with reaction
I’m not an expert, I just have passion
And so much more I want learn
I have thoughts I need to overturn
also a pile of decisions to discern

So this is my #whyIwrite I guess
A place for my brain to confess
I’m sure I’ve done it wrong, it’s true
But I’ll toss in this poem, my big debut
Be nice to me, I am new

Thanks for the Poetry Friday Link Up, Friendly Fairy Tales!


17 thoughts on “Poetry Friday Debut

  1. Welcome to Poetry Friday! Your third stanza is my favorite — the moment when you get brave. And that bravery was enough to overwhelm the thought that you’ve “done it wrong” and allow you to take the risk and put your words out there! Yay you!

  2. Welcome! Do you have a first name, so we know how to address you? It’s a little more personal that way–and, we don’t bite! P.F. is a welcoming community.

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