Celebrate Rainy Sunday

celebrate-image So happy to Celebrate with Ruth Ayres this weekend!

It’s a Rainy Sunday and I love It: A Series of Sunday Celebration Haikus 

The Dog Hates the Rain
Rainy Sunday, chill
Muted color leaves, puddles
Antsy dog won’t walk
IMG_9694 (1)


Halloween: Not My Favorite Holiday:
Sugar, chocolate, fright night
Practice makes perfect


My Sister’s An Artist
“Half Remembered Home”
She paints, lives, miles away
Fully remembered


My Dog Loves Popcorn, and So Do I
Coconut Oil
Pop! Pop! Sizzle, dog runs, sits
Sharing Sunday lunch



It’s a Rainy Sunday, and I Love It
Window frames still life
Rain, leaves, fall, branches flutter
Write in muted hue IMG_9697

3 thoughts on “Celebrate Rainy Sunday

  1. I love this way of sharing your celebrations. The photos and haikus work wonderfully together. Halloween isn’t my favorite either. 😉

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