A slice of December

Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers


a lot of people are coughing around here
and the dog has some sort of weird dry skin 
vet says it isn't mites

it's December so
you know -

my second grader got short of breath
his inhaler, expired
I called the doctor 

it's December so
you know -

I wasn't going to eat sugar this month
trader joe's had dark chocolate orange candy
seltzer water counts as water, right?

it's December so
you know -

just a few more holiday errands to run
Santa must be exhausted this time of year
does he know about amazon prime?

it's December so
you know.


4 thoughts on “A slice of December

  1. I haven’t tried TJ’s dark chocolate orange candy, but I may need to check it out soon because it’s December, so you know! Love the format of your post.

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