A Slice of A Saturday in your early 40s

Slice of LIfePart of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers

A Saturday in your early 40s. 
before these
there were stories
of Saturdays in your early 30s
with all your baby, toddler, preschool worries

Now you have older kids
and a Migraine
you just wake with it -
must be the pressure - barometric 
finally give in take some excedrin 
and then you live again 

Barnes & Noble
buying books time
but you also buy slime, 
expensive chocolate mousse and a blondie at snack time
and, admit it, a coconut milk vanilla latte - that's sublime

someone asking about Wishtree - 
"Is that in the Magic treehouse series?" (Nope)
What is it about that desperate need 
to tell a stranger that the book in their hand
is one they should read?

Rush home so you can take the almost 16-ager
secondhand clothes shopping 
where you hold her t-shirts and jeans,
calmly trying to explain: 
"Yes, the line is long but even if they are only $16, you should definitely try them on."

These are some of the stories
of a Saturday in your early forties

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