A Slice of Recharge

Slice of LIfePart of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teacher


My Tuesdays are full of meetings, usually with 10 minutes in between. Today, I went to my room between meetings, plugged in my laptop, added a few yellow sunbursts to my “sunny days ahead” sign, and munched an apple while I took a picture of my new motivational sign. 


I leaned against my counter for a minute, feeling guilty for not getting something from my to-do list done. I mean, that’s hard to do in 5-minute intervals, but not impossible. 


I looked down at my laptop, and thought, “Well, at least I got my laptop a little recharged for the next meeting.” 


Only then did it occur to me that maybe my minute of coloring and minute of apple crunching was my recharge. I mean, if my laptop deserves a recharge, maybe I do too? 


Is this what they call self-care? 

I took another picture of myself to remember that today, I did indeed have 5 minutes of self-care.

5 thoughts on “A Slice of Recharge

  1. I can feel the energy in this piece. I also love the addition of the photos. Self-care is a tricky bit. Thanks for sharing this great reminder that is doesn’t have to be a spa day! Ha! Happy apple crunching!

  2. What a nice way to reframe your time. I’m going to remember this the next time I’m unproductive during my planning time (ie. probably tomorrow). Thank you for the reminder of the importance of letting ourselves recharge.

  3. You make a fantastic point! I have started closing my classroom door during one of my specials so that the noise from other classes goes away and I can have a few minutes to recharge. It’s so helpful in the middle of a busy day with little ones.

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