#sol20 March 12 A slice of 123 Not It!

Slice of LIfePart of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


“1,2,3 Not it!” H just yelled this in the kitchen.

Before that, Mr. Thought said “Now there’s a bunch of leaves we need to sweep up.

Before that, the sliding glass doors suddenly opened from the deck, we could hear the wind rush through the trees.

Or rather, we could hear the trees as the wind rushed through.

Before that, I looked outside to see all three of my children chatting on the deck, the dog sunning himself, eyes closed.

The smoothies were loud to make, and they used a lot of the frozen fruit that I had just bought at Trader Joes to keep just in case we can’t leave the house for weeks.

Before that, I came back from the store to the smell of vegan chocolate chip cookies, and the sound of kids fighting over who has the best chocolate chip recipe.

H said, “E didn’t even use a recipe.”

E said, “Last time I didn’t use a recipe they were mommy’s most favorite chocolate chip cookies ever.”

He wasn’t wrong. Those were some good cookies.

Before that, I ran to the store for some last-chance items.

“I’m not panic buying, per se,” I told the nice lady at the checkout. “Just getting somethings just in case…”

Luckily she didn’t question the logic of that statement.

I mean, we were out of apples, so I needed those. But I’m not sure I needed Ghost Pepper chips.

We talked a bit about toilet paper, because what the heck is going on with the toilet paper?

“Well, it’s annoying for someone like me,” the woman said. “I’m just almost out of toilet paper. So, I have to ration.”

Before that, I was at target. As I was getting some paper towels, I noticed that the toilet paper aisle was empty. I overheard the target worker telling a customer that there would be a toilet paper delivery tomorrow morning at 8:00.”

“Well, I’m not crazy enough to come back here!” She said. “I was crazy enough to come today. I just actually needed some things!”

Yea. I’m not planning on any more errands either.

1 2 3 Not it!

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