#sol20 March 29 slices, before you grew up

Slice of LIfePart of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by.

slices, before you grew up

someone recently asked me who I am
“who were you as a child, before you grew up?”
my answer is a disappointment, my memory is terrible

I think maybe the details are locked in a fireproof safe
or that’s wishful thinking
and they are gone

all I have are slices
of memories
little unfocused slices

we would laugh until we fell down, tears streaming down our face
it didn’t matter if the grown-ups didn’t understand our jokes

we would dance in the living room, or outside on the grass until we fell down
in dance class, Mrs. Dittmar separated us often for too much laughing

mostly those Disney sing-a-long records with the square lyric book but later Madonna
I’d put in True Blue and listen and read the insert until I had the songs memorized

imagination was the most important thing, I promised I’d always have it
we played barbies, & school, made robber stew, and I even had an imaginary friend

someone recently asked me who I am
“who were you as a child, before you grew up?”
laugher, dance, song, pretend… my memory is terrible

3 thoughts on “#sol20 March 29 slices, before you grew up

  1. I love how you layer your feelings now with the sometimes-clear-sometimes-fuzzy “slices” of memory from childhood – how they are sometimes so clear, and sometimes so fragmented.

    Beautiful slice. =))

  2. I love the question, and I love this answer: “laughter, dance, song, pretend” — I’m not sure that that’s actually representative of a terrible memory. I think these words capture the essence of a childhood beautifully.

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