#sol20 March 31 A Slice, The Last Slice

Slice of LIfePart of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers March Slice a Day Challenge! I’m slicing every day this month. Thanks for stopping by.


I don’t know what to write about.
Which means I should probably try a 6-word slice:

Writing brought happiness, and also frustration 

My mind is maybe too tired to write today.
Which means I should probably try a haiku:

zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
butt, ears, eyes, and elbows hurt
zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom

Slicing is hard.
Which means I should probably try a little rhyme:

Writerly life
during pandemic strife
means my first-hand account
is paramount 

Pandemic life
as coach, mother, wife
means busy days full of stress
my brain – full of a mess

Sit every day to write
before sinking into bed at night
means choosing my chair again
staring at the screen with disdain

But living the slicer life
during the pandemic strife
means a writing and sharing opportunity
a connection, a community

It’s the last Slice of Life this March.
Which means I should probably make this short and sweet:

See you next Tuesday, I hope! 



5 thoughts on “#sol20 March 31 A Slice, The Last Slice

  1. I love all the different types of writing you were able to fit into this slice. The last stanza sums up the challenge so well. Thankful the last day wasn’t our big meeting day! Thanks for your encouragement while slicing.

  2. We have lived the global pandemic life in Slicer style. (Feels like we should have a special t-shirt for this year since we’re all here, thriving as writers and and as a community.)

  3. I think you are amazing keeping up these slices throughout all the other happenings this month— thank you for sharing!


  4. Here’s what I love about this slice:

    Six words make easy cop-outs =)

    Sometimes when I can’t
    Think of anything to write
    I’ll just do haiku

    Why? Because these are easy to do
    –They don’t ask much of you


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