A slice of the dark

Slice of LIfe

Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teacher

Tonight, I walked in the snow in the dark.
This might seem like nothing to you, but I’m a little scared of the dark.

It’s like when I drove to Vermont about 20 years ago, all by myself and arrived at my friends house in the dark. She wasn’t home – I knew she would still be at work -just down the road. It was thundering, and pitch black, aside from the intermittent lightning. My friend lived across the street from a lake. So on one side of the street there was the blankness of a lake in the dark, and on the other side of the street, her old giant Vermont farmhouse.

This might seem like nothing to you, but I’m a little scared of the dark.

Her house was dark too. Nobody was home. There were a few of those candle shaped lights in a few of the windows.

I can’t remember if I remembered at that moment all the ghost stories I had been told about this house. This haunted house. I was parked at my friend’s old, haunted house in Vermont across from a pitch black lake.

But I do remember that I had to pee. I had been driving for hours, and I really had to pee.

So, quite unlike myself, I walked from my car to the door in the dark, with thunder in the distance, and lightning lightening the pitch black lake for just a few seconds at a time. I let myself in the dark, haunted farmhouse. I felt my way up the dark steps, hoping I’d stumble across a bathroom. I found the bathroom, peed in the dark. I do not know why I didn’t turn a light on. I felt my way back down the steps, where I found a note from my friend giving me directions to where she was. I got back in my car, looked up at the candle lit windows, and drove down the road to find my friend.

This might seem like nothing to you, but I’m a little scared of the dark.

Tonight I walked because I wanted to get out of the house for a bit, and wanted to get just a few more steps in. I walked by myself in the dark, even though I didn’t have to pee. Even though we had just watched a pretty scary episode of Stranger Things just a half hour before, even though I am a little scared of the dark.

So basically, I’m invincible now.

4 thoughts on “A slice of the dark

  1. I love the repetitive line throughout this piece, and how you used an event from today to go back in time and tell about another related event. Facing a fear is never easy!

  2. Love the opening line of this slice: “Tonight, I walked in the snow in the dark.” The way you incorporate the flashback leads me as the reader to perceive an undercurrent of urgency to your walk on this particular night as well, even if it goes unnamed. Super effective.

  3. I love the “afraid of the dark” refrain, as if you’re reminding us (yourself?) what’s what. So…yeah. Invincible. Take it where you can get it! =))

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