A Slice of Morning

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers Thanks for stopping by!

H wanted to wake up early and start the day with a walk
I was proud of myself for going to bed before 11:30

I was up at 4:00
Downstairs making coffee, tired of trying to fall back to sleep by 5:00
Resting on the couch with the cats when H came down at 6:00
Falling asleep with a mug of coffee in my hands by 6:15
Finally out the door for a walk at 6:30
The dog was happy, but also confused
He likes his mornings slow

Pink sunrise
Crisp spring air
Birds chirping
“So good to start the day with movement”
“We should do this more often”

There are neighbors running up the hill by our house
Then down the hill
Then up the hill

“That will be us one day”
I say, as we shuffle towards them
“We start with a morning walk, but one day we’ll be running up the hill”

I’m drinking my coffee still
And hoping nobody notices I’m still in my pajamas

The neighbors stop at the bottom of the hill one by one to do push ups
“Should we sing to them?” I ask my 14 year old
You’re my inspiration . . .

But then the last man gets down in the middle of the street for his push ups
“That’s called testosterone,” I say
“There’s no reason on God’s green earth that you need to do push ups in the middle of the street”

We’re home now
For more coffee
It was a short walk
Pushups not included
But it was a good way
to start the day –

6 thoughts on “A Slice of Morning

  1. Crisp – that’s also how I’d characterize both your observations and your writing. I loved this post. So many thoughts during the morning dog walk, which I also confess to taking from time to time in my pajamas. Depending on the dog (we walk them separately, as one’s a 15-year-old wise woman and the other a 4 1/2-month-old lunkhead), we have VERY different experiences…

  2. To me, the thread of gratitude runs through this post – for one another, the dog, the season, movement, birds, the preciousness of moments, awareness of the how time passes. Humor, too – the pjs (I bet no one noticed!) and the push-ups – that comment was priceless!

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