A Slice of Waiting

Slice of LIfe
Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers Thanks for stopping by!

“Stories are all around us.”
That’s what I tell every class I write with —
And, friends, there are
around me

But I need to watch what I write about
I hope you can see me tongue sticking out at myself in defiance
I need to watch myself
I might accidentally overshare
I wouldn’t want to overshare
I shouldn’t overshare

I believe in the power of yet
Do you?

My stories all around me are swirling, suffocating, asking to be written.

The stories have to wait.
I have to write.

I’m going to tell you about the hot cocoa that my eleven year old just made me.
Homemade, stirred on the stove
I don’t even care that I have more dishes to do now

I’m going to tell you about the dining room table cleared for homework
Two boys, ready to work – and a cat,
Plus one hot cocoa

I’m going to tell you about a dog sitting under my desk as I work
pretending not to stare at the cat
as jealousy pours out of his half open side-eye

I’m going to tell you about the hot cocoa mug
empty on my desk and
The boys singing and whistling as they work

The stories have to wait.
I have to write.


It’s hard to wait
But, I can do hard things.

Just you wait
I will write those stories
because they are

3 thoughts on “A Slice of Waiting

  1. There is something so charming and joyous about this slice. I had to tell you that I chose to read it by scrolling down to reveal line by line. I loved it! The way you bring together the images from the hot cocoa to the dog and cat, and the way you weave in those gems about the people around you…it’s just beautiful. Thanks for bringing us in on THIS story.

  2. Ona, I love the repetition of “Stories are all around us.” and “I’m going to tell you about…” It’s very engaging, and I also am motivated to find the stories in my life, which oftentimes these days I’m not paying attention to. You are helping me look around right now in my own space and see stories.

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