Thoughts while Shoveling

Slice of LIfe
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Single mom, shoveling
sounds ominous
like “dead man, walking”
the men aren’t dead –
I see them throughout the neighborhood,
snow blowing

Glad I’m a feminist
who is used to shoveling anyway

The snow is light
easy does it
and the chiropractor won’t get mad
The snow is heavier
where the plow dropped extra
I should be making the boys help

What time is it?
Why isn’t this a two-hour delay?
I hope the boys are making breakfast
and eating it too

Glad I’m a single mom of older kids
who make their own breakfasts

The driveway is done
Thank goodness for 15 year olds who
suddenly appear
scare you half to death
and shovel the sidewalk

6 thoughts on “Thoughts while Shoveling

  1. There is so much I love about this poem! For me, I picture myself picturing YOU shoveling snow, listening to the scrape in the cold, when the thought of “single mom shoveling – dead man walking” hit you. I can picture you turning lines over in your head along with the rhythmic scrape-scrape against the snow and the driveway. I can hear the thoughts and musings accumulating with each shovelful dropped at the side. Not sure if that actually *was* your process, but it was fun to muse. =))

  2. Like mowing the lawn, there is something calming about shoveling the snow. And like grass cutting, you can really see what you accomplished when finished. That being said, I still admit that the older I get the less I like snow shoveling.

  3. Glad you got the help with the sidewalk so that you could save your back! You’re raising some good kids considering that they’re making their own breakfast and coming out to shovel.

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