Part of Two Writing Teachers’ Slice of Life

Clyde is a busy kitten
He runs toys up and down the stairs,
Hisses at the dog
Chases the other cats.

So you’ll understand why it’s such a gift
that he has decided to sit next to me while I write —
First to stretch and look cute on the cushion next to mine
Then right up against my thigh.

He cleans his feet – six toes splayed out
Licks his belly
He lets me scratch his soft soft head
But tries to kill my hand when I rub his belly

Sleeping on my other side,
not noticing Clyde-
The dog is clueless
But, the battle is imminent

1 thought on “Clyde

  1. I. Needed. Clyde. Today.

    What a beautiful, sweet, playful boy.

    I also loved how you left us, with the “imminent” battle. As someone with more than one pet, I’ve come to realize that pets (and hey, let’s face it…SIBLINGS) are constantly in competition for affection and dominance.

    Thank you for this post. =))

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