March 12: Sunday

I’m writing every day of March for the Slice of Life Challenge at Two Writing Teachers

I woke up to cats meowing
At 7:30!
The old 6:30
Fortunately, coffee.
Sick kid
Needs ginger ale and saltines
Needs a jump start
“This isn’t like the cars you learned this on when you were in Drivers’ Ed” my dad tells me as we squint at the minuscule diagram
Where do we ground the cables?
“Battery could explode if you do this incorrectly” the instructions warn
That’s what I read right before I turn the key
Fortunately the van started on the first try!

At Dunkin’ I wait for my latte
An older gentleman walks in behind me
Am I allowed to say older
As I catch up in age?
“Is there free coffee here today?” He asks me. “Since we changed the clocks?”
I don’t know, but I smile and tell him I hope so!
I watch him walk to the counter to ask
“No free coffee,” he shrugs
“Must not be at this store…”
I watch him walk out of the store

Later in my car
Sipping my latte
I wonder if I missed a chance.
I could have payed it forward!
Why didn’t I buy
That older gentleman a coffee?

2 thoughts on “March 12: Sunday

  1. Ugh, a need for saltines and ginger ale is never a good sign. Glad the engine didn’t explode. It sounds like you were the one who needed to be gifted a latte. I hope your Sunday improves.

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