I couldn’t stop myself from joining  the #nerdlution revolution over on twitter.

Fallout from high school means that I automatically feel like a ‘poser.’ A few days ago,  I watched a super fun twitter chat between a few amazing people. (Colby Sharp, Katherine Sokolowski, Franki Sibberson, and Chris Lehman! ) I admire so much of what these  folks do – and  tweet – and this time, I felt there was a real opportunity  to join the fun: #nerdlution.  What I can commit to for the next 50 days ?

50 days of movement. That’s what I’ll do. I already exercise about 3 times a week – so I just need to add 4 days. I can do that. A quick mile run, or a set of intervals… The daily twitter check in. Say it with me: I can do it!

50 days of writing. I am out of practice, which is why this blog was set up and then pushed aside. I can’t post each day, but I can write each day.

I just started this blog – and now my first post is a copycat of all these people I follow on twitter – ah well.  There’s time for being unique later. I’m just happy to invite myself to the party.

Get real info about #nerdlution on twitter, or the wonderful blogs of: Colby SharpKatherine Sokolowski,  Franki Sibberson,  Chris Lehman and Donalyn Miller. . .

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