#sol14 March 22 Slices of the City

Slice of LIfe

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March.  You should do it too! Check it out here. Thank you,  Two Writing Teachers

This is hard, and it isn’t because I’m on my iPad. I’m full, and it isn’t the guacamole they made at our table for dinner. I’m full from today. I’m not sure if people who live in the city just automatically have more slices. You’re going to have to tell me, city readers. Visiting New York City this weekend for the Teacher’s College Reading Writing Project (#TCRWP) Saturday reunion has been so full of slices, that I’m still processing all of them. I’m not ready to slice about the conference moments that meant the most to me. But, in this city, there are stories everywhere that jump jump jump out at you.

The front desk shower directions


Finding a tiny Italian place for dinner, delicious – and there’s nothing like a whole dinner with friends and talking and laughing.


Finding the same mess I pick up at home on the streets of New York.


Walking back today we saw kids playing baseball and soccer, climbing fences and laughing. It was a spring day in the city, and I am lucky to have spent it with my friends. We were people watching, talking and breathing in the feel. We saw people laying on the street, and picking through trash, but the moment that burned into us was watching a young man get up from his outdoor cafe seat, to help an elderly woman with her walker. “Do you want to hold on to this?” He asked. “No? You want to hold on to me?” We walked away crying a little bit, at the kindness you find.

6 thoughts on “#sol14 March 22 Slices of the City

  1. Great to see kindness & kids enjoying spring. I’ll look forward to hearing about the Saturday reunion and what you took away.

  2. I wrote about kindness today too! It sure warms the heart when you experience that. I have been reading some of the tweets about TCRWP – I am taking away much and I am not even there! I can only imagine what you are experiencing!

  3. TCRWP sounds like a wonderful conference. I’ve enjoyed the tweets! I hope you share much more in the future about what you learned. I loved all the little details you picked out from the city and shared. It is so surprising, sometimes, where you find kindness!

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