#sol14 March 24 Alone

Slice of LIfe

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March.  You should do it too! Check it out here. Thank you,  Two Writing Teachers

I had a doctor appointment this morning as a follow up to my dizziness. (I’m fine, feel back to normal!) I didn’t know how long my appointment would be, so I have the morning still before me, until going back to school. I stopped at this small coffee shop that I hardly ever get to go to. I  ordered a pumpkin spice latte with almond milk, plugged in my laptop and I’m all alone.

Image 6

I’m not alone much. I spend my days with so many people: my own children, my students, teachers, interns, parents. (Occasionally I even see my husband. Every other week or so we get to finish a sentence, and sometimes a conversation.) I love being with all of these people. I love the energy around me, and the noise. I also love the quiet, I guess. I remember my mom talking about loving her time alone. I used to go with my dad to visit my grandma sometimes, and my mom would stay behind. Only after having my own children did I understand this concept. As a kid and a teenager, I don’t think I minded having time by myself, but I certainly didn’t strive to get more. Sometimes being alone felt lonely, isolated, un-cool. But that’s not how I feel right now. This is peaceful. People are starting to filter in and order their coffee. Some of them are with others, some are alone. They order their coffee and look at their phones. The music is playing, and I’m letting my coffee start its work. Soon I will start my work, I will grade and plan, and then I will drive to school to teach literacy and have meetings. Later, I will pick up my children and get them ready for a busy evening of karate, and their school science fair.  For now, I’m going to chill…

…with my husband, who just walked in. This never happens. This short coffee date before we go our separate ways is even better than being alone. ❤

7 thoughts on “#sol14 March 24 Alone

  1. Oh, how I love this Slice. For one, I cherish any alone time I get nowadays. It definitely doesn’t feel uncool to me. Secondly, that ending? I found myself cheering inside when your husband walked in! Great stuff! I hope you enjoyed your date.

  2. Oh, I just had a moment like this on Sunday (and sliced about it!) – a moment during the middle of the day where I sat on the couch while my girls napped and did nothing. I hope you savored this moment!

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