Break the Ice

Still the same School year
Last time I blogged it was 
If I don't hit "new post" and then "publish" now, another month might go by! 

I blog in my head sometimes, when I think I'll open my laptop after the kids go to bed. 

I have 
Celebrations of running (5 whole miles! Me!) 
Slices of fun and mess on Christmas Day 
My baby turning 5

I want to share
Reflections from my Winter Book-A-Day
A lesson comparing Letting Swift River Go to a piece on Global Warming Refugees 
and how just today I procrastinated grading late work by cleaning off my desk to make room for my new beach.

I know I need to choose ONE WORD
and my #nerdlution promises 

But, for now I just decided to break the cold 2015 ice
I just decided to write. 

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