Celebrating in Free Verse


I’m participating in Ruth Ayres Celebrate This Week. Check out the link up here!

Celebrating. . . in free verse for April Poetry…

Thursday's Run
I think it's been about a week since I last ran, so I lace up and head out. My itchy ankle distracts my warm up walk, and suddenly my app tells me to start. So I start, and I'm slow. I can't believe it's been only a week. What kind of person am I thinking I can run? I can't run. But I do. So I go, I will myself not to look at my pace. That will just depress me! Instead I remind myself of my first runs: Run for 90 seconds, walk for 60, repeat. My phone rings, I ignore, my music comes back, softer than before. I am annoyed. I can't get my music loud enough, my pace fast enough, my stride long enough. It's warm, and I like to run in the cold. I'm crazy, crazy for running, crazy for not running. I think it's been more than a week. Maybe it's been two. This run is not fun.  But at least I'm running. This is not a good run, but it is A run. And my next run will be better. It better be better.
Getting Report Cards Done
Papers piled, late work too, kid blog posts & comments, emails, google docs. I'm overwhelmed. Stressed. I could blame snow days, delays, spring break. Instead I blame myself:  I got in over my head, I was tired, I was busy, I accepted so much late work. Too much. But I finished! Report cards and comments are entered, and a new blank slate called "The 4th marking period" has begun!

3 thoughts on “Celebrating in Free Verse

  1. Love these prose poems, Ona, exactly on point. I don’t know about running but your frustration came through-maybe next time better? And the grades. We don’t do grades but before break I had evaluations to write, hours & hours. I know what a relief it is to be done. Love your sharing!

  2. The wandering of free verse is so liberating. The words we throw ourselves to push ourselves, to acknowledge. The good news is you did it! And it will be easier next time. Grading too…ugh.

  3. Ona, free verse allows us to ramble about what is inside our mind. When we stop to look we realize how reflective we really are. Congratulations on being so articulate! Now go and enjoy your weekend.

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