Celebrate giving up


This post is part of Ruth Ayres Celebrate Link up. Thanks, Ruth for this great opportunity to celebrate!

You are having 


Rammy kids
you don't blame them 
Such great kids
you make them popcorn, read aloud and
tell them you'll try your best to be patient
ask them to try their best not to try your patience

You have lunch duty
then forget to make calls
get caught in too many conversations
You have bus duty
bus duty is it's own poem one day
You stay after school to grade
you wonder how many times you didn't put your name on papers when you were 11
You text your husband at 5:00
"I'm bringing the rest of my work home." 

At home you straighten up and do dishes and maybe have a little tantrum about the mess and the stress and are you getting a cold, and why is everyone hungry right when you get home does the cat need food right now too and how are you going to do all the laundry and pack all of the moving boxes and do all that work you brought home?

Then your son makes dinner for himself, his brother, his sister

You feel guilty and tell him as much
What kind of parent doesn't have dinner figured out? Grow up!

"Mommy, you make wonderful dinners every night! This is your break." 

You know this is something to celebrate
this sweetness

So you give up
you put your pajamas on 
chill out

You should have given up 2 hours ago! 

Found on Single Dad Laughing Facebook page

6 thoughts on “Celebrate giving up

  1. We have all had those days when we just don’t have it all together. Love that your son figured out supper and a way to make mom smile. Have a restful weekend!

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