A slice of The Fools

Slice of LIfe

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If you were here with me, in my little corner office,940871_10208387380263132_2566196639830332104_n.jpg

you might expect it to be a quiet little writing spot. Oh, but you’d be mistaken.


Since sitting down to write my slice (which was going to be about choice in reading), an entire band has assembled. We have banjo, djembe, voice (complete with microphone) and crazy 6 year old either bothering everyone or using the makeshift drum.


I think this started after dinner when the kids were inventorying our musical instruments. Fast forward to my writing session, and  suddenly I was overhearing this:

“Who wants to be banjo?”

“I’m the leader.”

“No you’re not. I start it! “

“That is not a weapon. We will not treat musical instruments like that.” (That’s Mr. Thought chiming in.)

“Shhhhh… We’re going to have a concert.”

“Everyone be quiet! Our performance area is in here. Oh mommy’s in here. “

“That’s the office.” (Mr. Thought again.) 


“Stop shushing.” 

“Guys! Everyone on stage!” 

“What should I play? The Drum?”

“No, I’m the drum.” 

“What am I?”

“You’re the trumpet.” 

“What? I don’t even know how to play the trumpet.” 

“Well, then just try your best.” 

“Only one instrument per person!” 

“Daddy – you get the drum.” 

“Shouldn’t Daddy get the banjo?”

You may wonder why we have all of these musical instruments. Since the only one any one of us knows how plays is the piano.

Way back in college I bought Mr. Thought a Djembe, which he used to play some.

A few years ago, I bought Mr. Thought a banjo. Banjo lessons are on his to do list.

There’s also a trumpet and a flute, part of an odd assortment of things my parents keep bringing over to our house now that we’ve moved.

The lights are dimming… I think the show is about to begin.

L starts us off, on her microphone — a birthday gift a few years ago… nice and loud, as birthday gifts often are. “….Let me just remind you that we haven’t practiced at all. In fact, we haven’t ever picked up these instruments…”

Mr. Thought interrupts. “Can you mention that your guitarist hasn’t ever learned to play guitar?”

“You mean banjo?” I chime in.

Mr Thought doesn’t miss a beat (pun intended). “Can you mention that your banjo player has never played the ukulele?…


L continues, “Introducing, “The Fools!”

The music begins. And my banjo playing husband sternly reminds, “H! The drums should not be the dominant sound. They should be more of a background sound.”

Happy Tuesday from my Fools to you. 🙂


5 thoughts on “A slice of The Fools

  1. I love how you captured the essence of this event through dialogue. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! You will blink and everyone will be gone and then your office will be way quieter than you want it to be!

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