Slices of the second day of school.

Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers.

I’m glad Slice of Life is on Tuesdays. I’m glad my school year started yesterday, not on a Tuesday . . . I wouldn’t have wanted to write a slice of life yesterday. It would have gone something like this: 

Can’t sleep, wake up, tired. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Greet kids, help with lockers, answer a million questions with “I’m not sure. I’ll try to find out.” Over-planned, no time, focus on community. Talk at kids, bore myself. Comfort the overwhelmed, read aloud. Expectations, presentations, rules, rules, rules. Meeting, walk, walk, walk…” 

But today I have slices. Slices that remind me why I love teaching. 

I asked this question: 


Got great answers: 


Let me zoom in on one my favorite questions. 

Version 2

Later. . .

We had student council elections where the following campaign occurred: 

Student A: Vote for me. I’m going to make this classroom great again! 

Student B: Hey! This classroom is already great!

During reading my classroom library lit up with students taking books, and it made my heart fill. A group of girls came over to me to ask, “Can we take out more than one book? We have books but we want to read this as a book club.” 


Then in writing we did some quick 6 word memoirs, and that’s when I truly remembered how much I love my job. 


I needed those 6 word memoirs…

Tomorrow’s To do list:

  • Finish learning everyone’s name
  • Read
  • Write

Start slow. Take breaths. Work hard.





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