A slice of “There’s That.”

Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers.

I’m feeling overwhelmed, you know. My desk is piled.  I’m working so much…my to do list grows and grows, and priorities are hard to make. Reading Pernille today helped me. She says “yet,” and I agree. I’m just not there yet. However, within the beginning of the year stress, there were lovely things about today.  There’s that.

I wrote with my students today. There’s that. We sliced.

My notebook entry “Slice” written in school today.

I read with my students today. There’s that. The One and Only Ivan. Then Rain Reign with my second reading class. These are the books they voted on. I warned them we would need tissues.

I planned with my friend and colleague  today. There’s that. I’m ready for tomorrow. I am. And beyond! (I am!)

I even made dinner for my family, and took the dog on a walk – with my 13 year-old daughter too. There’s that. The chat with her, I’ll have that every day please.

After getting the kids to bed, I did more work. There’s that. I love my job, I love this work.

And look! I sliced! There’s that.


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