A slice of Right now

Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers.


I know it's not a good idea to multi-task... 
but I would love to be able to write my slice as I'm going through my day.
This morning's play by play slice would be something like this: 

Right now I am. . . 

Wishing my computer would connect to the internet so I can print my sub plans
Talking to helpdesk on the phone while my students watch announcements
Restarting chrome
Restarting chrome
Restarting chrome
Trying firefox
Giving up
Realizing that now I can't project a "Right Now" slice 
as a model for my class
Taking out my phone to use instead
Copying part of a "Right Now" slice onto the board
Sending students off to try their own. 
Hoping my computer works for the next class
Teaching teaching teaching
Restarting Chrome
Failing at technology
Worrying about printing afternoon plans
Sharing my sloppily written whiteboard slice with my other class
Wishing  my doc cam worked
Challenging Students to write a bunch of "ing" verbs and then 
to finish the thoughts
Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 8.10.06 PM.png
Taking on the challenge myself on the whiteboard.
Wondering about the one table of boys who hasn't noticed 
that everyone else is writing or watching me write.
IMG_1363 2.JPG
Joking with students
Having fun
Making mistakes
Modelling slice-writing
Being flexible
Learning with kids
Teaching Writing






4 thoughts on “A slice of Right now

  1. Technology is wonderful when it works! But I love how you made the best out of it and turned it into a wonderful lesson!

  2. This is so spot on in the moment. I love that it reads like exactly what was happening. I chuckled at restarting Chrome (3x). Thanks for sharing a real life, right now, piece of writing.

  3. Technology and literacy….ugh! 🙂 What a great way to share a lesson that deals with how to work with both in the real world. And I loved your “wondering” verb, I have a table almost exactly like that one you mentioned! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this authentic slice with us!

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