A slice of complaining

Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers.

There's a lot to celebrate - that's true
pumpkin spice, red leaves fall, sweater weather - 
just to name a few.

But the air is still -- slightly sticky.
I'm feeling annoyed and more than 
a little bit picky. 

My complaints vary -- and that's the truth
From the bear in my neighborhood
to the mistreatment of youth.

I can't keep quiet, for instance
about a certain adult who 
can't see my child's brilliance.

She tells him his art is a mistake
And he gets sent out of the room
if he speaks up to that flake.

I know I'm sounding brutal
but my kindness -- thus far
it just seems so futile. 

So I'm done being nice -- for now
I need to speak up
and get my points across somehow.

And there are more complaints to be spoken 
About grading, and time, and ---
Listen, I'm rhyming not joking.

I know my next complaint -- it isn't proper
It deals with Data, and how 
we need to put in the stopper!

"Too much data!" -- I want to scream
Let's stop the madness and wake up
from this rigorous dream. 

The children in my classroom aren't data points for you
Their each and every word and action
aren't plots or lines or graphs to do.

Please let them be - let them read!
Let them write, and make mistakes too, 
work and play is what they need!

Now, of course I know - I hope you understand
That there are things I have to do 
things the state has planned.

And obviously I must be sure to mention
That assessments help me check in with kids
and give the proper things attention. 

But data for data, is a pet peeve of mine
If it isn't friendly and useful then,
It was a waste of our time.

Worst complaint of all? --I can't finish this piece
I'm complaining too slowly 
because I keep falling asleep.

I think it's because I'm busy, you see
Teaching, parenting, parenting, teaching
leaves little time for sleeping for me.

I hear your thoughts, dear reader of mine
Maybe she should shush down, go to sleep 
and then all will be fine. 


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