A slice of Water?

Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers

“Um, Ona? Water?” Sara lifts the wine glass with confusion. I had just poured her a glass, from a bottle of wine.

“No! I just poured that. Let me taste it.”

Water. That is water. What?

I look at the bottle, wondering how wine can change to water… does that happen if the new bottle wasn’t sealed? Is there some sort of chemical reaction? My mind starts making up new scientific facts… then I hold up the bottle, remembering how it seemed awfully easy to open the twist cap. I turn to H, with a question, “Um, H?” He looks up at the bottle in my hand. He is suddenly beet red, eyes wide.

“Oh no! I –”

L starts laughing, and the story comes out. Months ago, H took an empty bottle of wine, rinsed it out and filled it with water. Mr. Thought came in and told him not to play with wine bottles, so H put it back. It isn’t clear here if he simply forgot about his project, or if he was planning on tricking me, but then forgot about it. Whatever the case, he certainly did not plan on tricking his beloved “Aunt” Sara. This is clear by the color that stays on his cheeks, the head shaking, the anguish.

“It was filtered fridge water!” He winces. “I promise!”


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