#sol17 March 28 A Slice of March

Slice of LIfe


 I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for bloggingwithstudentsall of March.  You should do it too!  Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! Readers, check out their site, and start slicing!


What does March mean to you?

As a kid, March was full of crafts with little yellow lions, and cotton puff lambs.

In 1990, March was all about waiting for my baby sister to be born. I was 12, and an only child.

In 1998, March brought a proposal. Mr. Thought and I had been together for 6 years, high school sweethearts. He proposed in the Pontiac, on the way home from a visit with his family.

In 1999, March meant the sudden passing of Mr. Thought’s dad, Al, just shy of 3 months until the wedding. In a haunting video from the previous summer when we took family to see the wedding location, Al is shown saying, “I hope I’m alive and well.”

In 2003, March was spent waiting for my own baby girl to be born. Life was about appointments, preparations, baby showers — and I just remembered this — patiently waiting for the next Harry Potter book! (Which I had time to quickly read that June right before L was born.)

In 2006, March had me hiding the fact that I was pregnant with H. I was nervous that I’d have another miscarriage, and feeling so very sick!

In 2010, March… An early spring…me on family rearing leave with my  3 kids. That March was filled with taking L to school,  H to preschool and trying to get newborn E to nap anywhere but on me.

In 2011, it was my second March at home, on leave. I hadn’t yet figured out how to get napping to work, though! (Although when E started at a babysitter that fall, he easily napped for a few hours a day for her!)

In 2014, I started my first Slice of Life March challenge!

In 2015, I sliced for all of March again.

In 2016, More slicing. Although, what I remember about March 2016, is my 14 year old cat, Billy dying. He was so sick, but still his death seemed sudden and unfair. My children were there for his last breath, and I arrived just a few minutes later.

And now, March means once again, a month of noticing, of reflecting, of writing.

What does March mean to you?

4 thoughts on “#sol17 March 28 A Slice of March

  1. March is my oldest sisters birthday,
    March 12th is the birthday of 2 brother- in- laws
    March is St. Patrick’s Day
    March is my daughter’s birthday (the last day of the month).
    Grateful that she was not an April Fool’s day birthday.
    March is my birthday.
    March 2012 – Slice of Life
    March 2013 – Slice of Life
    March 2014 – Slice of Life
    March 2015 – Slice of Life
    March 2016 – Slice of Life
    March 2017- Slice of Life
    It keeps me spinning my wheels what to write about.
    But at the end of the day
    something clicks and I have something to say.

  2. March means March Madness and I can watch my brother ref more often.
    March means two best friends’ birthdays (11th and 16th).
    March means Spring Break and travels with my husband.
    March 2017- I sliced for the first time!

  3. I love how MARCH is all about slicing now. This is year 5 for me…and although it’s hard to make time, I am inspired and refreshed by posts like this that remind me writing is connecting.

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