A slice of a Second

Slice of LIfe Part of Slice of Life by Two Writing Teachers

I sit and  look around. I’m still in slow motion, heart racing. I see a woman. She doesn’t seem to have noticed that anything happened. A car drives by, its driver oblivious. My hands are shaking slightly and I pull over, hazards on.

I take a deep breath in, allow my eyes to close for a moment, breathe out.

Before this,

I lived in a slow motion moment. I drove down the street, watchful but relaxed. Listening to Hamilton, almost home. Suddenly, a van cut across the street directly in front of me. (They made the word suddenly specifically for situations like this, I think.) 

I slammed the brake and watched as my car still got closer to the van as the van continued across the street. I braced for impact, eyes squinted. I hoped I wouldn’t hit the van too hard, I pressed the brake. The van kept going, I kept going. Shouldn’t brakes work faster than this? My hands gripped the steering wheel, and I wondered if maybe I would just scrape the back of the van. 

And then it was over. The van went on its merry way, and I watched as cars passed all around me, unconcerned. 

Now safely pulled over, I call Mr. Thought.

“I’m okay,” I start, because I am.

7 thoughts on “A slice of a Second

  1. Yikes! You did a great job painting that very scary moment. I’m so glad you’re okay! I recently had a shaking hands car-related incident, so I can relate. On a plus note, we both got blog posts out of it!

  2. I actually started squinting my eyes while reading this… what a terrifying moment described with beautiful words.

  3. So well written- heart pounding! Glad you are ok! A friend of mine (she, too, miraculously, is ok) said of a recent accident in which she looked up to find herself looking at the grille of a semi (hit because her car was in its blind spot) “I thought to myself, I am going to die right now.” The tone of your writing reminded me of how she sounded when she told her story.

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