#Sol18 March 8 Distractions

Slice of LIfe  

I am participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge: A slice a day for all of March.  You should do it too!  Thank you, Two Writing Teachers! Readers, check out their site, and start slicing!


Distractions. I have written, deleted, and been interrupted more in the last 2 hours than I can possibly describe. Someone needs a snack, someone wants to play a game, someone wants to go back on the beach to look for rocks. Someone has a story to tell me. Someone wants to know when I will be done, when I will make dinner, when I will play a game, can we watch a movie? If I had any ability to concentrate I’d tell you in more detail. I’m sure it would make a heartwarming, humorous tale. Vacations with 3 kids always do. Right?

It feels like I’ve been sitting here forever trying to write. I sat listening to the ocean, watching the waves through the deck doors.

I thought I might try a list poem: vacation or trip?/shells/rocks/interruptions/cold breeze/waves crash. . . .But, it wasn’t just my family distracting me… I was distracted by the shadow of a song being played in the back of my mind. What is that song? A squeaky guitar, almost spoken word singing a kind of list? It was on a mixtape. I ask my mixtape high school friends,  I google all sorts of search words.  No success. Shouldn’t my brain work better than this?

I won’t write a list poem today. I may never find out what that song was. But, I will make dinner, do the dishes, look at new shell collections, play a game, find a family movie, and put kids to bed.

Ahhhh. Vacation.



1 thought on “#Sol18 March 8 Distractions

  1. Ah. So perfect! Someone wants… Someone wants… Someone wants… is the rhythm of my days too! Love that you found your slice in the heart of the distraction!

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